Titulo  B-flat
Nacionalidad  Brasil
Producción  Ficción
Duración 23minutos
Año producción  2014
Productor  Fulano Filmes
Equipo Técnico/Artístico
Función Nombre
 Guión  Mariana Youssef y Adolpho Veloso
 Dirección fotografía  Adolpho Veloso
 Dirección arte  Akshay Vayeda
 Montaje  Umberto Martins ABC y Daniel Codina
 Sonido  Manoj Panda
 Música  Sergio Fouad y Swami Jr.
Casting Deepak Dhadwal y Utkarsh Mazumdar
Sinopsis Español
Amar salió de la India hace 40 años dejando todo y todo el mundo atrás. Mientras conduce un taxi en Nueva York que recibe el aviso de que un viejo amigo está a punto de morir. La noticia le lleva de vuelta al pasado.
Amar left India 40 years ago leaving all and everyone behind. While driving a taxi in New York he gets the
notice that an old friend is just about to die. The news takes him back to the past and as he arrives in India
heading to Bhor his hometown Amar bumps into Rajan and they take the same bus. Amar needs to deliver a
very beautiful box he’s carrying on his hands. Rajan needs to learn how to play only one note with the golden
tuba he’s carrying with him. Amar is just about to lose his best friend Kamal. Rajan is looking desperately for
his best friend an alligator. The bus that takes them back home breaks down. They have a long way to go. It’s
at this moment that we find out the huge distance between those two men. One that carries a secret and the
other the hope. One box one tuba and a long way. A silence that is finally awaken by a musical note.